This is a CPD Accredited course that is focussed on the Induction of New Employees. This is an important part of the HR process. A good quality Induction process is key to the whole HR process. Eventhough it can be implemented with ease, HR studies have proven that far too many companies fail to deliver a successful Induction.

HR Induction Course

The course includes full online materials and assessments so that you can study safely from home, on your own schedule. This course aims to offer learners the ability to gain a solid understanding of the induction process for new employees. This could be taken by members of HR or line managers, who should be engaged in the Induction process.

Course Content

The induction process

Importance of an effective induction, and the phases of the induction process. You will also learn about the legal aspects of the induction process.

The effectiveness of the induction process

Induction process in more detail, including how to record the progress of an induction and how to evaluate the induction process.

Course Accreditation

The course is accredited by CPD.