To provide, within a short period, a quality, big picture understanding of Corporate Law. Good for staff from outside the legal profession and support staff in Legal and Financial firms. To provide a sound foundation level understanding in the key principles of Corporate Law.

Course Format

Tutor led class. There will be an assessment to finish the course.

Course Content

  • The nature of a company and formation of a company: limited liability partnerships, benefits of trading as a company, partnership or limited liability partnership.
  • The Companies Act 2006
  • The Corporate Veil
  • Classification of companies
  • Formation of registered companies and Registrar of Companies
  • Winding up of companies
  • The management of a company: directors; the company secretary; the auditor; company registers; the annual return; accounts and accounting records
  • Taxation
  • Company finance: debentures, funding considerations
  • Shareholders and equity: the nature of shares; company meetings; resolutions
  • The legal effect of the Articles and Memorandum.

Dates and Duration

Courses run full-time for 2 days 10:30 to 16:30. Dates can be arranged to suit the student, as we have an in house tuition team available.

Please refer to the schedule for start dates.

Who is it for?

This unique unit, reflecting the importance of the expanding area of corporate law, will be of interest to students intending to work both within and outside the legal sphere.